ORS recruits consultants multiple times in a year. Normally, we publish a job announce for the open position in the relevant Norwegian media (and occasionally Linkedin). Typically, we employ individuals with a minimum of MSc degree from a relevant engineering discipline and with a proven track-record from the risk- and safety management business in the energy industry.

Due to the nature of our work, our employees need to be fluent one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish) in addition to English.

Social life at ORS is concentrated around daily interaction, seminars, teambuilding and sports activities.

Employees at ORS run a club called ORS Club which organizes a number of events throughout the year. These events are subsidized by the company.

We offer a competitive package with salary, bonus, pension and insurances. If you want to join our team in Oslo, Stavanger or Malmö, send a CV and cover letter to Please contact the responsible department manager for any questions. We evaluate all the applications and provide feedback. If your profile suits us, we will schedule an interview to find out more about each other.